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I mostly grew up with computers.  I used to call bulletin board systems before the World Wide Web was created.  Long distance charges were always a problem in those times.  My reach was limited to local calling only to my area code so one day I started my own BBS running Illusion.  People started to find my computer instead, until the hard drive crashed.  Anyway I was feeling nostalgic and decided to list some of the programs that I have the fondest memories of.  Anyone think of others that I missed?

Telix is one the best programs to use for dial-up BBS access. It’s closest competition was Procomm Plus which Symantec owns now for some odd reason and it appears to be discontinued.  I can personally vouch for the fact that Procomm Plus is still in use today with at least some financial transaction type communications.

ZMODEM was the preferred protocol for downloading files from other computers with my 2400-baud modem. ZMODEM was always the fastest and most reliable but YMODEM was probably it’s closest competitor, not everyone used what was  best in those times.

ARJ archives provided better file compression then ZIP files do. ARJ even made downloading (dreadfully slow d/ling) faster but for some reason ZIP is still the thing we use today. It’s actually time to update to 7-Zip people. Come on get with it.

McAfee used to be the best virus protection to have. Now they suck. Be warned if you think that is the best you can do for free.  Even AVG is better virus protection.  McAfee also sponsored a contest every year to reward the person who submitted the most innovative virus.  The prize was $10,000.

TASM – for some odd reason I wanted to learn assembly language.  I was far better at Turbo Pascal.

SoftICE was something I never quite got the hang of.  It was used for kernel mode debugging Windows applications.

CopyIIPC allowed me to create “backups” of my games.  My precious games.

DR-DOS just made DOS so much better.  It didn’t last long though.

4DOS is what should have been written into DOS in the first place. It replaced and added all sorts of cool command line features.

WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS is possibly the greatest word processor DOS has ever known.  It even came with a cool keyboard decoration to help remember the keystrokes for each command.  I typed so many reports for school with this program.

TheDraw – An ANSI Art (pre-Internet dial-up graphics if you prefer) editor.  TheDraw can also be used to create ASCII Art. People still use ASCII Art today when sending Instant Messages.

Send an ACSII rose for Valentine's (Not my work, I am not an artist.)

        ,':;: ""'.
       ,M;. ;MM;;M:
      ':: 'MMMMMMM:
        '; :MMMMM"
.           M           .
'M..        M        ,;M'
 'MM;.      M       ;MM:
  :MMM.     M      ;MM:
  'MMM;     M     :MMM:
   MMMM.    M     MMMM:
  :MMMM:    M     MMMM:
  :MMMM:    M    :MMMM:
  :MMMMM    M    ;MMMM:
  'MMMMM;   M   ,MMMMM:
   :MMMMM.  M   ;MMMMM'
    :MMMM;  M  :MMMMM"
     'MMMM  M  ;MMMM"
      ':MM  M ,MMM:'
        "": M :""'